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If you like to sweat then this is the AC company for you. I chose this company for the initial sale and install of a AC/Heat unit.

My decision was based on a great salesman and his assurance that if at anytime the unit went down, it would only be a few hours at most... Called on a sunday and tech showed up in an hour or so, came off roof and told me part not available until monday. Then told me he'd be here by 8:30 the next morning. So no AC over night.

Never mentioned any labor fee as parts I knew to be covered by warranty. The next morning, tech shows up an hour later than expected and tells me it will be $360 to replace a fan motor. I say "why so much?" He tells me it's a 4 hour job. I say you get $90/hr?

He says yes we do. 35 minutes later he comes off the roof and 5 minutes after that presents me with a bill. The bill says he was here for an hour. The charge...$360.

I said to the tech you told me it was a 4 hour job. That's when things got ugly. The tech had no problem using foul language with me and a tone that was threatening to me. He calls me a liar and after more volleying back and forth he starts to go up on the roof to disassemble whatever it was he assembled.

I call the office only to get the woman who answers the phones. She tells me the owner, Adam Hansen, is not available.

This was a bad scene. I'd never use this company again.

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$360 sounds like a pricey repair for a motor that doesn't cost the company a dime because it's covered under warranty.

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #899060

Adirondack Services would like to know who this is to resolve their issue. If they would please produce an Invoice for the work and bring into our office @ 2024 Seminole Blvd.

Largo, FL. 33778, we would be happy to work with this customer's issue.

Office Manager/Adirondack Services


I received a full refund from this company after they saw my reviews

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