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I had this company come out today for a free second opinion and quote. The technician, Andrew, came out promptly and began discussing with my boyfriend the options to repair our a/c.

He had told him we could replace a part and see if that would fix it. The night before, a different company told us the same thing and installed the part. However, the part ended up failing while they were still there, so we wanted to make sure this part didn't do the same thing. After installation, it had lasted a while, but we had decided we would call around and get some other opinions.

They tried to charge us for the part and the service rendered which was a grand total of $400 when we could purchase the part elsewhere for $30. It then became a debate over whether or not we should be charged since they were supposed to come out and only offer an opinion and quote and we hadn't signed anything agreeing for him to do any services. Andrew had also told my boyfriend that he HAD to install the part to make sure his diagnosis was accurate anyways. I could hear the technician getting louder towards my boyfriend and decided to contact the main office to speak to a supervisor.

I was told by the receptionist that he would relay the message and have someone call me shortly. After hanging up the phone, my boyfriend and I realized the technician had left without saying a word. There was no bill or no note left behind. He took the part with him and left out unit disassembled (which wasn't the way it was before and we have pictures).

Also, he left our back gate open which really irritated me since he never even announced his departure. After this, I saw I had two missed calls from the company and had called back. It turns out the receptionist told the technician (who was just on site) to call me. He was very rude to me and was even yelling on the phone at some points.

He told me that it was not his responsibility to close the gate since he didn't open it and that he would not have been liable if one of my dogs had gotten out since he never unlocked it in the first place. He also told me that he works off of commission and wasted his time here if we weren't going to pay for his services. Unfortunately, I had to yell back at him to have him stop talking to me in this tone. I said to him I was trying to understand both sides of the situation and then he got heated again.

He said that no company would come out for 2 hours and not have a fee. Again, he assumed wrong! I told him we had a company out the night before for 3 hours and they didn't charge us anything! Also, I had repeatedly asked to speak to his supervisor and his response was "What for?!" They ended up not charging us, but I still wanted to notify the manager of this specific employees attitude for his job since he is the face of the company, but he wouldn't direct me to his supervisor.

Never in my life have I ever been spoken to the way Andrew spoke to me. He also didn't have any concern for my personal safety as well as my dogs if they were to escape with the back gate being left open. This company seems to be more concerned about profit and commission rather than customer service. I was so upset that I had to hang up on him.

I called my mom in tears after being yelled at by this man. She called the receptionist and requested a phone call back from a supervisor as soon as possible. I have yet to receive a phone call 6 hours later. Clearly, customer service is not a priority here and my business is disposable.

If you are a woman, please steer clear of this business because this company has no limits of the things they are willing to say or do to make a quick buck. I would have been intimidated if I had this conversation with Andrew in person.

All I wanted was an apology after this and an understanding that we were both in the wrong to assume one another's words, but like I said, it isn't a priority to this company. I would recommend AND services/Alexa Air LLC - Phenomenal!!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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It sounds like you were simply price shopping...taking advantage of a service expert's time and expertise, only to turn around after now knowing what the problem is and going with the lowest bidder. You want high end steak house service for McDonald's prices. Go *** yourself, lady.


I tend to agree with the poster most of the time but not this time.You called him out to your house right there you should be charged just for him to come out.and 400 to fix a air conditioner is cheap.Good Luck getting someone else to come out for you.Maybe your boyfriend just wanted to watch him to learn how to do it himself. This man has a family to feed you totally wasted his time.I REALLY HOPE HE SUES YOU; YOU DESERVE IT.

to ME Traverse City, Michigan, United States #772527

We called him out for a free second opinion and he had to do what he did to give us his opinion. It's not even about the money right now, it's more about how he spoke to a woman.

to ME #772775

No really it is about the money.You said you could get the part for 30 dollars.I think the boyfriend just wanted to see how to install it and you wasted this guys time.I would be pissed too.If boyfriend wanted to see how to install he could have looked on youtube and not wasted this guys time.

to me Seminole, Florida, United States #772819

My boyfriend wasn't even out there when he installed it, so how could he watch how to install it?

to steffb4 Winder, Georgia, United States #959242

I understand exactly what you're saying. I think so do these guys, but because you're a female they want to say you're wrong.

I don't want anyone fixing on ANYTHING I have if they don't know EXACTLY what they are doing. It would be like if you took your care to a machanic and they said they didn't know what the problem is, but could start replacing and taking off parts to see if they could fix it... but then they left your car in pieces... and then wanted to charge you for it.

Again one wouldn't let a mechanic fix on their car w/out first getting an estimate as to how much it would cost and w/out first giving permission for them to go ahead and do the work after knowing the price. I also wouldn't pay if the car didn't after they did their so called fixing and it still didn't work. So for sure I wouldn't pay if they left my car in pieces.

The guy knew he was called out to do look at it and give a free estimate..

and that's what he should have done. He should have asked you if you wanted him to put the part on to see if it would work and communicated w/ you how much this would cost BEFORE he started taking anything apart. And it's NEVER right not to leave a customers, unit, car, what have you, the same way you found it. I believe that he was trying to scam you.

There is NO supervisor. He and the woman who answers the phone are probably all the "company" consists of. While you were on the phone w/ her she probably text him to get out of there. So he did so in a haste, leaving the gate open because he knew legally he didn't have a leg to stand on.

I would insist that the smuck compensated me for leaving my unit in pieces. If it's even worth the hassle to you, do so in writting, via a certified letter so that they can't say they didn't get it.

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